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The Dahbashi Engineering Approach to Equipment Reconditioning

At Dahbashi Engineering, we pride ourselves on our ability to tackle the most challenging projects with skill, and adaptability. With over three decades of experience in the […]

Abdul Bari: The Driving Force Behind Alcat’s Rise in Qatar’s Heavy Equipment Industry

In the ever-evolving landscape of the heavy equipment industry in Qatar, Abdul Bari, the Manager of Alcat, a joint venture between Dahbashi Engineering and Al Cat Contracting, […]

A Pledge to Quality and the Environment

Compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 is not merely about meeting standards for us; it’s about upholding a promise to our stakeholders. Our recent Surveillance Audit […]

Ensuring Uninterrupted Power: A Deep Dive into Load Testing and Its Pivotal Role in Power Generating Sets

Electrical power, often taken for granted, courses through our residential and commercial veins, powering everything from essential hospital equipment to data centres, and from household appliances to […]

Harnessing Nature’s Wisdom: A Heuristic Approach to Quality Control

When we talk about the vast world of earthmoving equipment spares, the name Dahbashi Engineering (DE) undoubtedly shines bright. However, being at the heart of this intricate […]

Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence with Riyaz (RajAhmed) Torgal at the helm of our IT systems

We commemorate a remarkable milestone in the journey of Riyaz (Raj Ahmed) Torgal as he completes an astounding 25 years of dedicated service with Dahbashi. Riyaz’s story […]

Ali Hassan Mansouri Zadeh: A 37-Year Journey with Dahbashi Group as PRO Manager

In today’s fast-paced world, loyalty and dedication to a single organization are becoming increasingly rare. However, there are exceptional individuals like Ali Hassan Mansouri Zadeh, who have […]

Meet Mudar Dargahwala – adding quality standards

Mudar Dargahwala, Manager – Engineering, Quality and Training at Dahbashi Engineering has been with the company since 1998. What is his role? In his role, Mudar looks […]

Meet Varghese Joseph, Group Parts Manager at Dahbashi Engineering

Varghese Joseph has been with Dahbashi Engineering for 32 years and counting. In his current role, he looks after the procurement and sales administration which includes logistics […]

Inventus Power and Dahbashi Engineering power ahead across GCC

Founded in 1960, Inventus Power (Inventus) is a global leader in advanced battery systems, specializing in the design and manufacture of Li-ion battery packs, smart chargers and […]

The Benefits of Regularly Changing Filters in Earthmoving Equipment

If you own or operate earthmoving equipment, you know how important it is to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. Earthmoving machines use air, fuel, lubrication oil, […]

Four Must-Have Ground Engaging Tools for Your Earthmoving Machinery

Ground-engaging tools are essential components of earthmoving machinery, and they play a critical role in ensuring that your equipment operates efficiently and effectively. However, over time, these […]

The Importance of High-Quality Ground Engaging Tools for Construction Projects

Ground-engaging tools are essential for any earth-moving machinery used in the construction industry. These tools are designed to help excavate, move, and shape the earth, and choosing […]

IDA – Tapping into the international network of aftermarket manufacturers

Dahbashi Engineering built its aftermarket reputation by sourcing and supplying products from quality manufacturers, offering parts at better prices, better warranties and shorter delivery times. According to […]

Planning and resources contribute to Dahbashi success in Kuwait

Dahbashi established a joint venture (JV) with Khalid Hamdan, a Kuwaiti National, in 2005 to create a presence in Kuwait under the name Dahbashi for Machinery Heavy […]

Dahbashi Engineering delivers Lithium-ion powered TASKI Cleaning Machines to optimize operations

One of the many benefits of today’s technology is that it gets the job done faster at lesser costs and less harm to the environment. And in […]

Riding out the pandemic storm requires innovation, collaboration and team work

The UAE was among the first in the world to bounce back rapidly from the negative impact of the pandemic thanks to the country’s wise leadership and […]

Crosswell Logistics Prioritizes Sustainability with Lithium-Ion Battery-Powered Machines

We live in an era where issues about climate change and sustainability could mean irreversible environmental damages, destruction of properties, livelihood and displacement of people and communities. […]

The Key Pillar of Dahbashi’s Partnership with Donaldson Filtration Solutions

No business can sustain its operations without a good relationship with its suppliers and customers. This is especially true in extraordinary tough times like the pandemic when […]

Blumaq: “Dahbashi is synonymous with quality and excellent service for end users”

Much like a marriage, a strong business partnership is anchored on trust, similar values and a commitment to fulfill their shared responsibilities to each other. For Dahbashi […]

Dahbashi Celebrates 26-Year Partnership With Interpart for JCB Spare Parts

Our Story with Interpart Dahbashi has been partners with Interpart exclusively for their range of JCB products across the GCC. The two companies have been working together […]

20 Years of Offering Replacement Spares for Earthmoving Machines in Doha

Alcat Heavy Equipment Parts & Services (Alcat) in Doha, a joint venture between Dahbashi Engineering and Al Cat Contracting LLC, was set up in 2002 to serve […]

How Heavy Machinery Customers Have Full Visibility into Our Inventory

At Dahbashi, we give our heavy machinery customers round-the-clock visibility into our real-time inventory. Watch this video for an exclusive insight into our online inventory portal. If [...]

Lead Acid Battery Charging Room for 24/7 Logistics Facility

First of its kind in UAE, a multi-level battery storage, charging and man-aboard battery retrieval system installed by our Motive & Reserve Power team at Dahbashi Engineering. [...]

Successful Lithium-Ion Battery Installation on a Scrubber Drier

Our Motive & Reserve Power team recently performed another successful installation of a Inventus Lithium-ion battery system on a Taski 2500 Scrubber Drier. Our client was a [...]

Special July 2021 Offer on Earthmoving Machinery Spare Parts

We are pleased to extend special pricing on selected spare parts for earthmoving machines during July 2021. Earn a bonus discount based on your total spend across [...]

Traction Battery Solutions That Reduced Energy Consumption and Costs at Truebell Marketing

We strive to stay ahead of the competition by offering innovative and cost effective turnkey solutions for battery charging and changing. Our Client Truebell Marketing and Trading [...]

Modification of Kawasaki 95Ziv Wheel Dozer

Al Ghayoum Contracting & General Transport Establishment is a trusted name in the Abu Dhabi western region. They specialize in oil field construction activities, equipment & vehicles [...]