Meet Varghese Joseph, Group Parts Manager at Dahbashi Engineering

Varghese Joseph has been with Dahbashi Engineering for 32 years and counting. In his current role, he looks after the procurement and sales administration which includes logistics and sometimes getting involved in some aspects of the sales process involving visiting customers, visiting the branches and the joint venture operations, among others.

He started his career with Dahbashi as an Accounts Assistant. He was swiftly moved into sales administration in the role of the Office Assistant, where he began managing purchases and then sales. As a consistent performer, Varghese was offered opportunities for growth within the company, where he was promoted to sales administration assistant; then sales administration manager and finally as group parts manager.

He pointed out, “As we expanded, adding new branch offices and joint ventures across the region, and team members started moving to other roles within the organisation, I was asked to take on some of the new roles that came up. In the earlier days of the company’s operations, we were a small team and had to multi-task.”

So what was the biggest contributor to his growth in the company?

Varghese: First, and most important, it was the freedom. Even though I report to the owners and the management, I can take decisions in line with the principles and guidelines set by the management.  So that motivates me.

Another strong contributor to his long years of service with Dahbashi is his career prospects. He said “If you work hard, and show that you mean business”, you can go places.

So what is his message for one of the younger and newer members of Dahbashi?

Varghese: You never know what is the store for you. That’s what I tell them. If you perform, you will be looked after. You never know where things can lead to. There are many people who worked with me who have now joined the joint ventures set up across the region to run them as managers.  So that’s the kind of opportunity that the company offers.

What are the three attributes of a really good manager?

Varghese: First, I would say, self-motivation, dedication and also being honest. Being honest is the most important thing.  You know, you don’t beat around the bush, just say what you mean, always. I’m always transparent. I practice what I preach.

In the words of one of his staff members, Arun Kumar, “Mr Varghese is the strength of our Sales Admin team, leading us with knowledge, dedication and expertise. With his exceptional communication and job-related skills, he ensures smooth operations, fosters teamwork and encourages individual growth. His unwavering support and guidance, helps us to achieve our department work and give the best in our roles. We have learnt a great deal from his leadership and expertise in the current job.”

We are pleased to have him in our team and look forward to his mentorship of newer team members.