Abdul Bari: The Driving Force Behind Alcat’s Rise in Qatar’s Heavy Equipment Industry

Abdul Bari – Manager at Alcat

In the ever-evolving landscape of the heavy equipment industry in Qatar, Abdul Bari, the Manager of Alcat, a joint venture between Dahbashi Engineering and Al Cat Contracting, has been driving the company’s name and reputation to the forefront of innovation and customer service.

Bari has been instrumental in steering the company towards remarkable success. His journey with Dahbashi, which began in 1997 as part of their sales team, is a tale of dedication, innovation, and exemplary leadership.

Working across all UAE branches, he gained invaluable insights into the intricacies of the heavy equipment sector. When the opportunity arose to relocate to Qatar, Bari embraced it, bringing with him a deep understanding of Dahbashi’s pioneering systems and processes.

In Doha, Bari encountered a market vastly different from the UAE. Qatar’s heavy equipment sector, then an underserved market, was ripe for disruption. Bari and his team swiftly identified the opportunity to provide efficient service, contrasting the sluggish pace of local competitors. Their commitment to fulfilling orders within 2-3 days revolutionised the industry, winning over customers who were traditionally reliant on suppliers in the UAE.

Bari recalls the initial scepticism from big fleet owners, a challenge they overcame by consistently delivering quality and value. Today, Alcat is a renowned name in Qatar’s heavy equipment sector, known for its fair pricing and superior service. “Our customers know we are not the cheapest, but they appreciate the value we bring to their operations,” Bari proudly states.

One of Alcat’s most commendable achievements under Bari’s leadership is the creation of a diverse yet cohesive team. This group of ‘mavericks’, as Bari affectionately refers to them, has grown together, learning on the job and acquiring expertise in handling a variety of heavy equipment brands. Bari’s approach – patience, listening, and appreciation of customer vulnerabilities – has been key to earning the trust of his team, customers, and the head office.

Reflecting on his journey, Bari shares, “It’s been thoroughly enjoyable, learning so much along the way.” His story is not just about personal success; it’s about leading a team to achieve collective excellence in a challenging market.

Abdul Bari’s journey with Alcat and Dahbashi Engineering is a shining example of how dedication, innovation, and leadership can transform challenges into triumphs.